Immune System Strength Assessment
Helping you assess the strength of your immune system and what you can do to improve it or maintain it, is important to us.  To follow are 10 general health and lifestyle questions that will help you conduct a personal assessment. 
Scoring System: 
0 = Never
1 = Rarely
2 = Occasionally
3 = Moderately
4 = Frequently
5 = Constantly
Read each question, score it, and write down your answer. (Click here if you would like to print out a paper copy.)

1.  I experience digestive upset including loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation or      cramping.  _____


2.  I suffer from sinus troubles including dry passages. _____


3.  I have zero energy. _____ 


4.  I tend to catch frequent colds and illnesses. _____


5.  My life is very stressful. _____


6.  I consume sugar or artificial sweeteners and/or crave sugar.  _____

7.  I suffer from breathing issues.  _____

8.  I have been prescribed and have taken antibiotics in my life. _____

9.  I have trouble falling and/or staying asleep, or I never get restful sleep. _____

10. I do not drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water every day. _____     


Next, add up your score. The higher your score, the more likely your immune system requires attention in the form of a lifestyle change.
Are you concerned about the result?
We can help you discover methods for strengthening
your immune system.
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