379 - The Truth About Sugar & Cardiovascular Disease

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This past weekend my wife and I had the honor and pleasure of spending a few days in Des Moines, Iowa. During the course of the weekend we developed new friendships, strengthened old ones, and have promise of even more. We were there teaching a group of holistic practitioners, from herbalists to chiropractors, the first of a three part nutrition program that we present to practitioners around the country. Quite an experience, and a tiring weekend as well.

On Sunday morning, I opened our segment asking for a volunteer to begin timing 38 second intervals. Our volunteer was instructed to call out loudly the word “Go”, knowing that it was fine to disturb what ever we were discussing at the moment. She did great! For 10 minutes, every 38 seconds she called out “Go.” 16 times in total she did this. Now, I know some of your are thinking, why the heck would you want someone to interrupt every 38 seconds? Great question! Stick around and you’ll find out...

One of the topics we discussed was sugar handling and the body’s response to the consumption of sugar. Whether in the form of raw sugar or fruit, disguised as a carbohydrate or white trash, or even an artificial sweetener. To coincide with this topic, we introduced and demonstrated the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR). If you’re an active patient in our offices, you know of the device that records and shows us the sounds of your heart beats. The reason for combining the two, the discussion of the body’s ability of sugar handling and the HSR, was because your heart is very sensitive to sugar. In fact, sugar and carbohydrates are very toxic to your heart.

What happens when we eat sugar (or things that turn to sugar) we immediately begin depleting our body of vitamin B complex. The HSR will show this disturbance with altered beats instantaneously. From a practitioner standpoint it’s pretty cool to watch! Think about this action for a moment, if this goes on for a period of time, your heart will weaken and show dysfunction. Cardiologists love this and develop huge practices because of vitamin B complex deficiencies prescribing drugs to manage your symptoms rather than helping to cure your heart issues (Let me not forget to mention that synthetic vitamin B that you buy in the stores or on-line will also disrupt heart function).

We asked for a few volunteers during the class to take an initial HSR reading, then had the volunteers consume just a quarter teaspoon of sugar, and then repeated the scan. Every single one demonstrated a deterioration of heart sounds, a weakened heart function, after the ingesting of sugar! No exceptions! Of course, we aren’t going to leave anyone in a weakened state, so we remedied our test volunteers with Cataplex B, a whole food vitamin B complex supplement, then retested to show heart function going back to normal. The results demonstrated jUSF how sensitive the heart is and just how quickly sugar damages our bodies.

If you would like a personal demonstration to see how sugar effects your heart, and therefore your body, ask to have an HSR scan next time you’re in one of our offices. It truly can be a lifesaving scan for someone who has abused their body by eating poorly. As for our little exercise of someone shouting “Go” every 38 seconds? It was a reminder for 10 minutes of every time someone in the USA dies of cardiovascular disease, a mostly preventable condition IF we would just stop eating sugar. Yes, 16 every 10 minutes, or 379 people during our Sunday morning session. Let us help you and your family to not be part of the number one cause of death in the USA!

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