Aspirin Therapy Equals Poor Science

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

An aspirin a day keeps your health away! There, a new slogan for us all to memorize and learn. Did you know that an aspirin a day is a main contributing factor to macular degeneration? The single greatest cause of blindness in our senior population. Did you know that every time you take an aspirin you cause micro-hemorrhaging somewhere in your body? Think stroke! Or that aspirin combined with high doses of synthetic vitamin C (on-line or store bought called ascorbic acid) causes bleeding in your gut? this science or really stupidity on the part of our allopathic providers?

Want to challenge your medical provider? Ask them if they know that there is absolutely no benefit toward cardiovascular health or stroke prevention from taking a aspirin a day. Yes, this is inclusive of low-dose aspirin too. This also includes zero benefits from aspirin if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, hearing loss, tinnitus and high cholesterol. This information was published on-line November 17, 2014, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, your medical provider’s “bible” toward sickness care.

Still not convinced? Even the FDA warned a few years ago that the evidence gathered regarding aspirin use for health is non-supportive. After decades of this debacle are you fed up yet with the poor science? Have you or someone you know suffered from the deterioration of regular aspirin use? When does the allopathic community admit that their experiment was a flop? Even after both the Japanese Primary Prevention Project and the FDA proved the futility and danger of aspirin therapy.

New guidelines submitted jointly by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association specifically say that “Aspirin should be used infrequently in the routine primary prevention of ASCVD (atherosclerotic cardio-vascular disease risk) because of lack of net benefit.” What they are saying is that aspirin as a preventative health strategy against stroke or heart attack is contraindicated.

So, what can you now do after decades of poor science applied to your body, breaking it down, weakening it, and making it more susceptible to illness? The answer is simple, begin using nutritional supplements made from whole food sources that have not been chemically or heat processed. Any protocol from any combination of the nutrients that we use at both Shores Wellness Solutions and Natural Health & Wellness Center is thousands of times better than aspirin. These kinds of supplements will not cause you to bleed into your brain and gut. Oh, and the side effects from our supplements, they are inclusive of improved memory and blood sugar control, backed by a track record of over 90 years!

Call one of our offices today to schedule a free consultation, what could turn out to be a lifesaving event for you!

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