Because 50th Just Isn’t Good Enough

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Last week I had a patient return whom I haven’t seen in several months. As I asked about her health during that time, she revealed to me that she had a “minor” procedure and her medical provider advised her not to come see me. To make matters worse, both her medical provider and pharmacist advised her not to take the supplements that I had prescribed her. They told her that they consulted one another, looked up the ingredients, and concurred that the whole food supplements that I prescribed would have adverse reactions with the toxic drugs that they were prescribing. That the herbal formulas wouldn’t be safe for her, then finished with a statement along the lines that supplements don’t work anyway.

I listened intently to this patient. She did have a concern because after all, it was both a medical doctor and a medical pharmacist making these conclusions. Well, I then had the opportunity to explain to this patient what we were doing and what products we were using to restore her health. Together we went through every individual ingredient in the several supplements that I had prescribed for her. Every single ingredient was food! No herbal formulations. I then asked which foods her trusted medical providers told her she couldn’t have. Turns out she could consume every ingredient in her supplements. Why? Because they are whole food supplements, not chemicals. I asked if she noticed any herbs in the formulations? The answer was a resounding “NO.”

Now, here’s where it gets absolutely amazing. The patient requested a copy of the supplement ingredient lists. She was so outraged that both medical providers lied to her. She realized that there was no way that either of these providers looked up and/or understood the whole food products that I prescribed. She told me her mission was to go to both providers and ask them ingredient by ingredient whether or not they would interfere with the drugs they put her on. We know the answer to this. Her final question was to be, “If I could eat all of these foods, then why can I not take supplements that contain only these foods?”

My dear friends, patients, family and colleagues. We need to come together and be tough as nails when it comes to our health care practices and choices. We need to question our medical providers about alternative options. Just a few decades ago the United States was a top 10 nation when it came to health care. For the past several decades we were in the mid-30s. Now, in 2019, the US ranks about 50 in health care worldwide. We keep failing and falling. Our medical system is failing us! Listen, I get it. There are some amazing advances with acute health care; however, when it comes to inflammatory dis-ease process our sickness care system disguised as “health care” performs poorly. Wouldn’t it have been better to not suffer from an inflammatory process in the first place?! Why are we not promoting prevention and helping with changing lifestyle habits?

Last week I spoke of a man who has Type 2 Diabetes and spends about $400 per month on just three medications to help him. His A1C is still over 9 with these drugs. The drugs aren’t working, and his doctor wants to prescribe him more drugs! Now is the time to get off the hamster wheel of poor health. Several weeks ago a colleague of mine challenged me to up my game in my practice. I have. Incredible results are occurring for those who trust and decided to make a change. My challenge to you is to up your game. Let’s work together to improve the health and lifestyle of you, your family and your friends. I am offering a free consultation to anyone who wants to discover how they can improve their health. Together we can make America healthy again...because 50th just isn’t good enough!

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