Giving Yourself the Gift of Natural Wellness

Like most people, this past week marked the beginning of the trek through the holidays. Though our time with each other and our family was truly meaningful, it was a demanding time filled with opportunities to fall out of step with our commitment to our own personal health and wellness.

Like others, we were faced with the temptations of foods and drinks that can be appealing but can also break down our bodies. Breads, sweets, pies, cakes, stuffing, alcohol, etc.. Understanding how these foods can negatively impact our health, we made our decisions carefully - just as we encourage our patients too. We know that the holiday season with its many temptations lasts about 5 weeks and a LOT can happen in 5 weeks! (Both positive and negative!)

Before the season ends, there will be many people who are suffering from the impact of the poor nutritional choices they made during this time. Between now and then, they will see many programs advertised over the internet (and just about anywhere) sharing the benefits of diets and detox programs that use chemicals and sugars in their formulations; all of which we encourage our patients to steer clear of. If what is is being offered doesn't have live products that contain active enzymes, full vitamin complexes, minerals, essential fats and viable protein - the value they offer needs to be seriously questioned.

One of the roles of nutrition and food is the role of rendering toxins harmless. It's very important in the detoxification and purification of your body; a very important factor in creating health and wellness. Poor diet, pollution toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections, and radiation cause toxicity within your body. These same environmental insults can also overload your liver, making it unable to do its job, which inhibits your ability to detoxify even further. Our bodies need to regenerate regularly. Our brains and health depend on it. The lifestyle changes we make today helps to enhance our body’s functions.

Given our commitment to natural health and wellness and our awareness of the importance of giving yourself the gift of good health, we have assessed many of these programs and learned what works best. We work with our patients using the Standard Process’ Detox and Purification Program. It is 100% plant based from organically grown vegetables and plants and we've seen amazing results when the program is used.

As you're moving through these early days of the holiday season, we encourage you to be good to your body and consider your choices. And when the season ends, come and join our our 28-Day Purification Program. Give yourself the gift of natural wellness.

Stay tuned for the special incentives we are offering and more on how to gift yourself in 2020!

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