Grateful for My Heart

Today and every day I am so grateful for my heart. For one of my primary organs of life, the second most important organ (remember that your brain is number one!) in my body. The organ that continually beats, pumping blood throughout my systems. Bringing every cell, organ and system oxygen and nourishment on a continued basis, while sweeping away toxins, wastes and metabolites. The organ that responds to life’s stressors. The organ that represents compassion, kindness and tranquility. The organ that is the symbol of love.

Today and every day I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to protect and strengthen my heart. To eat properly, lots of whole foods in the form of vegetables, lean proteins and fats (oh how much my heart loves to consume fats). To stay away from junk, considered by some to be food, that breaks down and deteriorates my heart, causing weaknesses. Weaknesses that the allopathic community ignores or possibly prescribes drugs to cover the symptoms of distress.

Today and everyday I am grateful that I have the opportunity to strengthen my heart through exercise. Knowing that I do not need hours of movement, rather just 30 minutes to improve my hearts strength. A good mixture of resistive activities like calisthenics, pilates or weight training, and cardiovascular activity such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling, allowing my heart to become stronger and more efficient as I age.

Today and everyday I am grateful that I have the opportunity to feed my heart whole food supplements. To be able to replenish vital nutrients that my heart needs everyday for normal function. Nutrients that may no longer be adequately available in the foods available to us today. Nutrients necessary for proper movement of calcium into my heart tissue. Vitamin B complexes and essential fats that are necessary for proper opening and closing of each of my four heart valves and their strength.

Today and everyday I am truly grateful that I have the opportunity to perform a Heart Sound Recorder on myself as well as everyone who enters our offices so that we can properly assess the current state of each heart. So that we can feed your heart to begin the process of restoring normal function that may have broken down due to the stressors of life. That we have the opportunity to significantly reduce ones risk to heart disease with such a simple, non-evasive assessment.

Today and everyday I am truly grateful for my heart and the ability to help you strengthen and protect yours. I invite you into our office to have a Heart Sound Recorder assessment this month...for February is Have-A-Heart month.

A simple test that alerts us of nutritional deficiencies that can be corrected, long before cardiac incidence. Contact us today for your moment of the heart!

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