Hidden Drugs

This past weekend we were blessed to see a patient who has been working with us for the past five months. One of her primary concerns that we have been working with together over this time is her difficulty in losing weight. For the first three months she was a champ! Losing on average five pounds each month. Then it seemed as though she hit a plateau.

For the next couple of months no matter what we tried we had no success in moving the needle on that stupid scale! Believe me, we tried everything. We sat together and went over her dietary food logs. They were perfect! Melvin Page would have had tears in his eyes with how perfect her food intake was during this time.

Next, we began checking her supplements every other week, rather than waiting a full month. We didn’t want to make too many changes too soon, thinking that there may have been an endocrine issue not being addressed, but still not wanting to take away from what we originally had been working on.

Then, after two months of frustration and resiliency, we discovered something truly incredible. We went back and began to look over her supplement schedule and her changing symptomatology. Reviewing these exposed a change that was quite obvious during the past three months. Her supplemental requirements had slowly changed, bit by bit each month (which they often do to support ones current primary) to support primarily her adrenal glands and HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary axis), with much emphasis on her adrenal glands. Questions that arose were “What?” How?” And “Why?” Originally these areas didn’t require too much nutritional support. Yes, We do know that the body changes, but in such a short amount of time for such strong adrenal support that quickly it didn’t make much sense to us.

Don’t get me wrong, over the past several decades of working with 1000's of patients we have seen a lot of changes and results that we may not have expected. Miracles most of the time! Yet this particular case will stand out clearly in our minds for years to come. We knew that something wasn’t corresponding with the information that we had. Why would a person need more adrenal support if there wasn’t any event leading to the fatigue or breakdown of her adrenals?

This past weekend we were given our missing clue! It turns out that our patient had began using a topical steroid cream her third month into care. As you may or may not know, ANYTHING that you put on your skin is absorbs into the body in under 30 seconds. The more she used the cream, the weaker her adrenal glands became, causing her body to continually and slowly breakdown both mentally and physically (remember, everything IS connected, even if your allopathic provider ignores basic physiological facts!).

Hindsight is totally 20-20. Looking back and seeing her body struggle and fight to remain at the level of health she achieved her first three months of care was absolutely amazing! The human body is truly incredible. This patient’s body actually shows us an example that we are what we “consume.” It totally demonstrated that by her requiring more adrenal support during this time.

Now some may ask, “How in the world would you find this out with your new Custom Nutrition Online service?" Simple, through the use of our Symptom Survey, Toxicity Questionnaire and Monthly History, we may have known sooner about the dreaded steroid cream. Most patient’s wouldn’t think to make us aware of this, but yes, it is part of our Online protocol. Know that we are glad to report that our patient is now back on track for continuing her tremendous healing.

Are you reading these Words of Wisdom from afar? Call today and Schedule your Custom Nutrition Online Video Consultation. Who knows? It may just be the call that helps change your life...Naturally!

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