It’s No Secret Cure for Heart Disease

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

If you had to guess, what do you think is the easiest organ in your body to fix? Right, the heart! Has any doctor told you this simple fact? Probably not. They’re too busy prescribing toxic, life crippling chemicals, even as you are getting worse. Maybe they even perform invasive procedures such as stents, bypass, ablation, pace makers, and transplants. How come? Because your doctor simply does not understand the “Greatest Heart Secret” you will never be told.

Eighty-five years ago, a man who was a dentist, inventor, and engineer with knowledge of nutrition began to grind and mix organic whole wheat and wheat germs, certain organically grown vegetables, and concentrated organ and glandular materials. He did this because he recognized our health was being stolen from the nutritionally void white flour that was ending up in our food supply. To his surprise, this man, Dr. Royal Lee, discovered that his nutritional concentrate had the power to cure his patients and friends of heart disease, something that was considered impossible.

Over the years, Lee found that by altering certain vegetables, organ, and glandular content he was able to help other people with various other types of heart disease. Lee categorized exactly which nutrients were needed and from what source they were obtained to help people with every type of heart disease. It didn’t matter what the symptoms were – beating too fast or too slow, over active or underactive, too weak, swollen, water logged, out of rhythm, fibrillated, pounded, raced, or even those that had stopped for a few seconds or skipped beats.

His results, over years of experience, had Lee proclaiming that the heart is the most responsive organ in the body to proper nutrition. The key word here is proper nutritional therapy. All the glitzy heart products and high-potency vitamins simply do nothing. Lee’s formulas still remain a secret because no mass production has ever taken place, yet they are still the most effective heart support known to man. They are expansive to produce requiring sophisticated and patented engineering equipment to be made properly. There just isn’t enough profit in those secret formulas for any shrewd supplement maker to pursue.

The secret to curing heart disease is not a new stent, bypass, statin drug or even a heart transplant or high potency heart supplement. These will all fail. The secret is the formulas that have been discovered, honed, and made to perfection for 90 years. Take advantage of them now. Please don’t be shy. Call my team today and ask for your FREE initial screening to see if Shores Wellness Center, The Natural Health & Wellness Center, can improve the quality of your life…naturally!

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