New Decade...New Habits...New You!

As we go about our lives on a daily basis, utilizing as many of today's conveniences as possible, do we ever give any thought to the amount of toxins that we allow to enter into our body? From packaged and man-made food items, to toiletry and hygiene products, to home supplies such as carpets, paints and furniture, to even the water that we drink and air that we breath, there are toxins that have become a part of almost every thing we do and come in contact with. Have you ever wondered what kind of impact this may have on your body's systems? Digestive, neurological, musculoskeletal, circulatory and immune?

The toxic overload impact alone has a tremendous effect on your liver, kidneys, gallbladder and intestines that it is no wonder that the ICD book has vastly grown in size over the past half century. Every day we are exposed to such an amazing amount of chemicals and toxins. It's estimated that in a week's time we are exposed to over 80,000 different toxins from the environment man has created. Not sure about this? Then it may be time that you start reading the "ingredients" labels just on your personal care products and cereal containers.

Next, add the use of drugs, any drugs, anytime in your life. A good question to ask yourself is, "Can drug use contribute to a person's earlier-than-expected death, even if they stopped using them long ago?" The answer is undoubtedly YES! Although each drug causes unique physiological and neurological effects, all drugs overlap in two important ways--they all cause changes in the brain and nutrition deficiencies, some in ways that may be long-lasting or even permanent. These brain changes and nutrition deficiencies can have significant effects on mood and cause depression, lessening your ability to lead to your best and healthiest life. Your brain regulates all your body's functions, including each breath and every heartbeat, while enabling you to interpret and respond to experiences. It also shapes your thoughts and emotions as well as contributes to determining your behavior.

That all said, understanding that we do live in a toxic world, know that there is an amazing program to help reduce the stressors of our toxic world on your body’s systems. I have tried and been exposed to many "detoxification" systems in my almost 30 years of practice. I can tell you the only one that truly detoxifies your body while at the same time helps support and rebuild your body is Standard Process's 28-Day Detox Balance and Purification Program which combines 24 unique whole-food and plant ingredients designed to support your body's normal toxin removal system. It is easy and combines with healthy meals. This program supports intestinal, muscular, neurological and immune health while at the same time supports the normal safe elimination of toxins and provides real, whole, natural antioxidants and food. Combine it with a natural diet and some exercise and it will help support weight control as well.

Besides detoxification and re-nutrification of your body, it also helps teach you how to eat, helping you break bad eating habits while stimulating new healthy ones. This protocol was years in the making, and everything about it is designed to aid your body in its digestion, absorption and detoxification pathways. Yes, a new decade is here! Why not make your New Decade’s Resolution a reality?! Ask us how you too can get started and save $100 today?!

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