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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Check out the image attached to this week’s WOW. They are from the book “Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests” by Jacques Wallace, M.D., 3rd edition. Notice how as a sector of the population ages, there are variances in what is considered an acceptable allowance with blood chemistry (in this case, blood cholesterol levels).

Last week we had a 78-year young patient come in complaining that her M.D. wanted her to begin blood pressure meds. Her blood pressure? 125/64... Flipping insane for anyone to believe, yet alone think that this patient had high blood pressure. Oh, and by the way, we took her BP...119/62. The allopathic community is getting a bit out of control in prescribing drugs. Believe me when I say that the medical community in the rest of the world laughs at US medical standards. Heck, Barbara Starfield, M.D. from Johns Hopkins stated that over one million people in the US die every year due to normal medical intervention, that if these people just waited a few days their conditions would have resolved.

For almost 30 years I have been saying that the values for blood tests keep changing in favor of creating more sick people and prescribing more drugs. Lately, in my offices, I just can’t believe the huge increase of patients coming in telling me that their medical provider was close to strong arming them to take drugs. Using scare tactics and threatening patients not to be seen by them anymore if they won’t follow medical protocols. Folks, this is becoming scandalous!

Changes in blood chemistry hasn’t been from research or clinical trials; rather it comes from the need for Big Pharma wanting to bring more profits to shareholders. Particularly with cholesterol, there are no significant studies to demonstrate that lower blood cholesterol is healthy, rather just the opposite. The lower your cholesterol the more likely you’ll experience muscle soreness, strokes, memory loss and other inflammatory conditions.

Still not sure? I close with two statements: First, the CDC claims the average American over 65 years old takes 15 prescriptions per year. Second, remember that healthy people do not take drugs. Ready for a change? Contact our office today for your free consultation to help determine whether or not you are ill, or just being fooled!

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