Sometimes We Need Time To Heal

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Last week we talked about a young patient who I sent to the hospital because of dangerously high blood pressure. This patient’s issues with high blood pressure had been developing over time due to poor eating habits and had presented itself as an emergency. Their liver, kidneys and heart all have reacted negatively to this condition over time. Other issues presenting itself also included an extremely low vitamin D level; a dangerously high creatinine level; a high BUN level; and a lipid panel demonstrating “high” cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high LDLs. The doctors in the hospital (oh, and by the way, it one was a new surgeon who specializes in kidney transplants) put fear into the parents, scaring them into believing that their child will need to be set up for dialysis until a kidney donor can be identified; that their child needs to be on statins for high cholesterol as well as various cardiac drugs due to the changes with their heart.

My thoughts on these out of balance levels are as follows: Because of the high protein diet (think keto) the liver became dysfunctional, having trouble digesting protein. There wasn’t much as far as vegetable consumption goes to help with the cleansing of the biliary system. This stress and strain then lead to kidney dysfunction as a result of the inability of the liver to perform its functions. Once both the liver and kidneys become dysfunctional, this phenomenon sets up a scenario for high blood pressure because the body’s filters are clogged, which puts strain on the heart. The heart will respond to the increase in pressure much like a body builder’s muscles do to lifting heavier weights. The heart will hypertrophy or enlarge. So here we have three organs trying to respond to a long-term unbalanced diet, wreaking havoc in your body, much like Ralph does on the internet!

Now let’s talk about the abnormal blood values. Their creatinine level is elevated in response to kidney dysfunction. This value is the one that needs the most attention. It is imperative that kidney function begins restoring itself or risk dialysis, or worse, transplant. Here, a clean vegetarian diet is needed to accelerate this process. Next, BUN levels will let us know whether liver function is returning. These are the two values that need to be watched the most. They will identify whether or not healing is taking place.

Next up are their lipid values. These need to be left alone! Because of the inflammatory process occurring in the body, cholesterol, a process of protective measures, is elevated to protect the organs, particularly the heart. Now, since cholesterol is made in the liver, in this case a dysfunctional liver, how do you think the body will react? More is made when the body is in crisis, and statins used to artificially lower cholesterol can cause liver failure; therefore, leave the cholesterol level alone. LDLs are naturally elevated because they carry protecting cholesterol from the liver out to the body. Again, leave it alone!

Vitamin D is a byproduct of cholesterol. It is dangerously low because cholesterol is being used to protect the body, not for vitamin or hormonal use. Lowering her cholesterol would have negative effects on her already low vitamin D levels (your body needs cholesterol to make vitamin D). I believe trying to lower her cholesterol will cause her vitamin D levels to crash further downward. Medically they’ll tell you to give her vitamin D. But to take that without calcium and and essential fatty acid (EFA) would lead to demineralization of the bones. Medical providers ignore this reaction.

This patient is now under care of a cardiologist, with blood pressure under control, who stated that she wants to wait and see how all of this patient’s issues (Elevated creatinine, BUN, cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDLs, and low vitamin D, along with kidney, liver and heart dysfunction) demonstrate themselves after three months with a normal blood pressure. The cardiologist, like myself, believes with blood pressure controlled, the heart will restore itself to normal and that they may just need time to heal. Our mission is to restore health through lifestyle so that all values begin returning to normal. Whew! A situation that seems many things are breaking down with the body, when in actuality there is only one thing, that child not getting attention banging pots and pans, that needs to correction before jumping to unnecessary conclusions and procedures that are false.

This summer, we are helping people build better bodies from the inside out. Now is the perfect time to refer in the person you know whose health is declining before they end up in crisis. Schedule now for your free consultation to see how we can help you change your life...naturally!

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