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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

A few weeks ago I had a patient approach me with concern regarding her daughter. You see, her daughter was seven months pregnant and upon a blood test it was discovered that her platelet level was 102,000. Before we go further, know that normal platelet levels are between 150,000 to 450,000. Still, with a pregnant woman we like to see the levels toward the higher end rather than the lower. The daughter’s OBGYN gave her two options. First, to have a blood transfusion. Who would want a blood transfusion seven months into a pregnancy? Yes, I get it if it were a life or death situation. But of course there is risk with that. Her other offered option was to induce labor and deliver the baby prematurely. Again, not a suitable choice.

Our patient told us of her daughter’s situation and asked if there were anything that we could do nutritionally to help. The answer was indeed YES! We gave four supplements to the patient to give to her daughter. We also restricted her diet of all sweeteners, sugar and foods of commerce. After taking the supplements for one week, her blood was drawn to check her platelet level. Much to her amazement, her levels had risen to 122,000.

Thinking that all was restored and on its way to normal, the daughter stopped taking the supplements as we prescribed and relaxed her diet. The ensuing week she had her blood drawn again to check her platelet level. This second week they had fallen a few points to 118,000. The daughter realized how important a correct diet and proper supplementation are. She put herself back on course with her diet and supplements. Week three demonstrated a platelet level of 131,000. Well on its way to normal.

There are so many conditions, so many personal stories, of people who are experiencing moderate to severe nutritional deficiencies. Medically, all they can offer are drugs to cover up your symptoms, or procedures to remove something from your body (I believe that God did not give us extra body parts, that they all have a purpose!). Our allopathic providers as a whole do not understand how nutrition truly effects our bodies.

This summer, we are working hard to help people build healthier bodies. Today is the perfect day to refer either yourself or someone you know who is suffering needlessly from symptoms to see if we can help them change their life naturally! Remember to like us on Facebook to follow more case studies. Maybe one day we can share your success story, helping let others know there could be a cure, rather than just taking drugs to cover symptoms.

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