The Child That Needs Attention

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Ever been someplace and a child, whether yours or someone else’s, just starts looking for attention? Very quietly they begin, “Mom. Mom. Mom.” If ignored or left feeling they did not get paid the attention that they seek, they begin to turn up the volume. Next comes, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Still, if not satisfied, the volume gets cranked up again, “MOM!!! MOM!!! MOM!!!” Before long, the child is emptying the cupboards and banging the pots and pans, seeking the attention that they so desire. Hmm...much like me at times I suppose, but I digress. Of course, most of us with children have experienced this at one time or another, whether the child was our own or someone else’s wishing they could get away.

Our bodies are much like that child that needs attention. Unfortunately, my experience is that almost everybody responds like that parent not giving enough attention to their needy offspring. For instance, recently we had a patient whose blood pressure went sky high. So much so that I actually sent them to the hospital. A rarity for me, yes, I know; however, in my best practice experience of three decades experience, it was the correct choice for this patient.

A little background. This patient has been struggling with elevated blood pressure for close to one year. Their pressure had been up, and it had been down, but never what is expected normal. Diet-wise the patient rarely consumes vegetables, eats very little fruit. They consume man made carbohydrates and lots of protein. “So what?” you may say. Well, there’s a good lesson here for all those who live on a Keto or high protein and fat diet. When we consume a high protein diet, devoid of vegetables, we put unnecessary pressure on our bodies. The first organ to respond will be our liver, trying to digest the excessive amount of protein ingested. As the liver becomes overworked, blood pressure will begin to rise. Think of it as your filter becoming clogged. Pressure HAS to rise to push the medium through it, in this case the body’s blood.

Next, with the elevated blood pressure, the kidneys join the party and have trouble filtering out excessive metabolites. As the kidneys begin to build up the metabolites blood pressure has to rise even more. Now both the liver and kidney become “clogged” which puts strain on the heart. The heart will respond to the increase in pressure much like a body builder’s muscles do to lifting heavier weights. The heart will hypertrophy or enlarge. So here we have three organs trying to respond to a long-term unbalanced diet, wreaking havoc in your body, much like Ralph does on the internet! Medically speaking, the allopathic alarmists light the signal fires and preach doom and gloom. Yes, they actually do their best to scare people into taking multiple drugs for each thing that they find, exclaiming that diet/nutrition has nothing to do with what they are living through. Even cackling that it is genetic (even when NO ONE in your family has ever experienced this), paying no attention to epigenetics (the effect of one’s diet and lifestyle on one’s genes).

So what is needed in this and most situations? Obviously acute allopathic care with this patient to bring their blood pressure under control. Long term, proper diet inclusive of lots of vegetable and little protein. Supplements to aid in the repair and regeneration of their liver, kidneys and heart. Much like the body builder who can change their routine and work off the muscle, so can the body’s organs restore back to normal with proper lifestyle. This summer, we are helping people build better bodies from the inside out. Now is the perfect time to refer in the person you know whose health is declining before they end up in crisis. Schedule now for a free consultation to see how we can help you change your life... naturally!


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