The Great American Heart

Can you believe it?! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. It totally seems like last week that we were just celebrating New Year’s Eve, when reality is that we are just about half way through February 2020! That said, February has ALWAYS been heart health month for us here at Shores Wellness Solutions, The Natural Health & Wellness Center. If you allow, I’d like to share a fantastic story with you...

After conception, the second organ to appear in a developing embryo (baby) is the heart. The heart begins beating and pumping blood within just a few weeks after conception, making sure that every cell, tissue and organ system about to form will receive proper nourishment, oxygen and waste removal. Wow! Even this intricate system is created in the beginning from just one cell! Truly miraculous every time I think of this developmental process. But I digress.... Your heart will then sit between to soft sponges, known better as your lungs. For continued beating along with inhalation and expiration, safely protecting your heart between these two soft sponges. All this is wrapped in a bony cage—the rib cage—for even more protection from the world that surrounds us. Incredibly designed if you take a moment to ponder this.

Important is the process of feeding your heart, before it’s formed and all throughout your life. Our mother’s are told to take a supplement with folic acid, an extremely important vitamin complex AND one of the B-vitamins that is imperative for healthy heart function. In fact, all the B-vitamins are important for a healthy heart, particularly vitamin B-4, which incidentally pharmaceutical companies and chemist haven’t yet figured out how to make a bastardized form yet. If we become deficient in any of the B-vitamins, our heart will surely display dysfunction. In case you’re not recalling, 80% of heart dysfunction is related to heart valve function, of which almost all is associated with a B-vitamin deficiency.

So how does vitamin-B deficiency occur? Many ways, but the most common ways of depleting your body of vitiating B complex are as follows: Not consuming foods rich in vitamin B complex; taking drugs, whether over the counter or prescription, it doesn’t matter, ALL drugs do this; living in state of consistent stress or experiencing high amounts of stress; and of course eating white trash or foods of commerce. EVERY bite weakens your heart even more.

Now please, don’t let your medical provider dupe you into believing that this information is erroneous. Next time your allopathic provider chimes in about nutrition take notice. Be prepared to question them before taking their nutrition advice. Do they themselves display an image of good health? Do they push a heart starving low-fat diet that will cause depletion of calcium and oxygen to your heart? or a low salt diet minimizing the minerals that your heart so desperately needs for muscular contraction? Ask them how many hours of nutrition education have they taken? Most medical schools give an elective of one 3-hour course in chemical nutrition, not whole food nutrition. Ask them how is your heart effected by consuming a piece of bread? If they can’t tell you that immediately at the first bite of bread within 30 seconds chemical receptors in your mouth begin the depletion of vitamin B-4, weakening the muscle tone of your heart and quite possible leading to A-Fib, then I seriously believe you shouldn’t take any other nutritional advice from them!

This month, February 2020, we are offering Heart Sound Recording services in our offices as another way to help protect your health...naturally! This non-evasive test takes just 5 minutes and will tell us so much about your heart. We are offering this service to everyone, whether or not you are a patient doesn’t matter, because we know how important this test is for everyone. In fact, it will demonstrate which whole food supplements you will need to take to restore, yes, RESTORE your heart toward normal function. Contact either of our offices today to schedule for your HSR recording...and who knows? It just may be the phone call that saves you from a life of distress!

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