The Picture On The Wall—Our Broken Health Care System

This past weekend we had a hanging picture fall off the wall, and of course, miss landing on the soft, sort of cushy area rug that lay just a few inches from the wall beneath it, all the while coming to an abrupt stop on the solid unforgiving hard wood floor.

The energy generated during this 64 inch free fall to the the almost perfect two point landing generated enough inertia to cause the glass to crack in multiple areas stretching across the image beneath that it was protecting, as well as damaging the once rectangular frame that surrounded it.

As we cleaned up the carnage from the wreckage, I realized how this incident is very synonymous with our current allopathic model of health care...

Sure, there is usually an episode of mishap. Maybe a trauma weakening particular structure. Maybe an inflammatory response that went unnoticed or uncared for until it became a full blown issue. Maybe a response to eating junk (there is no junk food, you either eat food or you eat junk) causing your immune system to weaken for half a day or longer making you susceptible to pathogenic microbes. Maybe a disturbance in you body’s endocrine system as a result of nutritional deficiencies from decades of poor nutrition. The list can go on and on, but let’s move forward.

As I cleaned up the remains of the decor that had fallen with style, much care had to be taken to protect the image below. First the remains were placed on a piece of cardboard and the floor cleaned and vacuumed. Next, the warped edge of the frame was carefully dismantled so as not to disturb the broken glass that could slice the precious image that lay contiguously with it. Lastly, the glass was extracted with care, piece by piece, slowly extracting every last chard, making sure the picture beneath it all was preserved.

Now you ask, “Dr. Wendel, how did this event remind you of our allopathic model of health care?” Real simple, we had a picture hanging on the wall and it probably had gone mostly unnoticed for the past several years. Not until it had created a crisis did it begin to receive much, if any attention. Our allopathic model. Ignore your body until you’re in full crisis mode. Only then do they try to cover up symptoms with drugs that alter the function of your nervous system so that you cannot feel yourself falling apart until it may be too late. Or possible convince you that you have too many body parts so that they can cut one out. If you think about this model, it’s much like that picture hanging on the wall.

What if...what if before that picture fell, caution was taken to make sure it was secure on the wall? Our bodies are very similar. What if before we break down we recognize the symptoms being demonstrated and we holistically begin to care for ourselves? We begin to exercise regularly. We shut of the TV and get to bed an hour earlier. We begin to eat food and nourish our body rather than consume convenient junk. We spend a few moments each day either meditating or journaling. Ultimately we would not fall apart and succumb to the last half of our life being sickly.

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