What Did We Teach Our Kids

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Remember when your kids were becoming old enough to drive? Going through driver’s training, practicing with your child as they were beginning to develop their skills. Wishing that your car had a second brake pedal and a steering wheel on the passenger’s side!

Thinking that maybe you should have worn a helmet, or maybe even considering practicing with them in the wee hours of the morning when there might not have been traffic, any traffic. Then when finished with a practice session thanking the heavens and stars that you were still in one piece while trying to decide if a cocktail or four would calm your nerves from what you just experienced for the past 10 minutes! Then thinking out loud, “Oh for heavens sake! I have more than one child to do this with!”

Let’s face truth. It was these experiences like these that we endured for the sake of helping our kids grow up and gain their independence. Helping them learn to control their emotions, think for themselves and hopefully make smart decisions. Well, it wasn’t only teaching them how to drive a car, or to ride a bicycle, or how to do their own wash or make their bed; or how to deal with a bully or their first crush. No, what we teach and have taught our kids goes way beyond household tasks and relationships.

You may notice that our kids emulate much of what we do or did as parents (Every watch your friend’s kids and think how much they remind you of your friend because of their mannerisms?). Obviously the first one is the most confused because we too were just learning how to be parents. If we had more kids we got better at our decision making on raising them from our own experiences. One thing that most forget is that our kids learn how to take care of themselves personally from how we raise them. Did we teach them lifestyle skills to succeed with a healthy life? Get to bed early. Exercise everyday. Eat a minimum of six servings of vegetables every day. Take whole food supplements daily. Drink plenty of water. Consume good fats and real salt. Always look for the silver lining and don’t talk badly about others. Simple ideals in making it an amazing life!

What about don’t take drugs? This is a confusing one. Which drugs are good for us and which ones aren’t? Who has made that determination? This is like teaching your child not to hit others, but then spanking them for a wrongdoing. We live in a society where our allopathic providers and Big Pharma has decided which are “good” drugs to take and which ones are illegal. If you haven’t noticed lately, illegal drugs are slowly becoming legal. How come? Because Big Pharma and our governments have figured out how to profit from them (the primary reason they were illegal before!). Protect this virtue of knowing and understanding the long term consequences of drug use, whether over the counter, prescribed or off the streets.

This week we would like to offer a consultation at our expense, FREE, to help you determine whether or not you are taking the right supplements for your health. It’s simple. Just call our office and schedule for your consult. This could just be an amazing decision that you teach your kids about staying healthy for life!

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