What’s Your Retirement Strategy?

“What?!” You ask. “Is Dr. Wendel becoming a financial planner?” I can assure you that NO, I am not; however, I do ask the question, “What’s your retirement strategy?” This is a very good question to consider. I am quite sure after I ask this question that you may be pondering your retirement financial situation at the moment. Or maybe contemplating where you may want to retire too. Those are important things to consider and discuss with your significant other, not just assume. My questioning refers to how to you want to function physically during your retirement. Often I tell the story of my two sides of my family; Mom’s side where they retired, rocked on the porch for two years, and passed on. Then there’s Dad’s side where once they retired, they then joined civic groups, traveled both home and abroad, and visited family more. Living well into the late 90’s is commonplace.

So I ask, “What’s your retirement strategy?” It seems that too much of our population ignores their health until it’s too late. People wait until a condition is far advanced before they become motivated to do something about it. Or worse, feel that because their condition is advanced that now nothing can be done. We have developed as a society in this country to accept the fact that our health is supposed to decline as we age. Do you know that there are charts that tell allopathic doctors which drugs you should be taking and which procedures you should have had based on which decade of life you are in. If you’re not doing what the chart suggests then most times the doctors want to know what’s wrong with you? The answer is nothing!

For the past five decades inflammatory conditions have greatly overtaken infectious disease as conditions that our society is being treated for. Inflammatory conditions are inclusive of, but not limited to most digestive disorders including the falsity that you need your gall bladder removed, headaches, sinus problems and allergies, sleeping issues including difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, hormonal imbalances causing people to think they need hormonal replacement or body parts removed, immune insufficiencies and auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and so much more. These are just a few of the issues.

Because of inflammatory conditions, longevity in the USA has decreased the past few years. According to the CDC, the average American over 65 regularly takes 15 prescriptions per year. We need to reverse this trend. Remember that healthy people do not take medications and allow their bodies to deteriorate as they age. It is not too late to make changes, gradually of course, to reverse ill-health back to great health. When you are ready to begin this journey, we are here ready to help. Small steps, one by one, you can reverse your ill-health, and most likely ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy all that retirement planning you have done!

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