What’s Your Story?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This past weekend we were sitting around the dinner table having some great conversation. Various topics came up for discussion, I’m sure just like most family dinners. There were some good laughs shared and a few moments for serious thoughts. Sharing concerns to help ease burdens, funny stories that you just might break a rib laughing too hard! One that stuck with me most was the topic of investing. Now you might wonder, is Dr. Dave going to give us all sound financial investment advice? Not quite. No, the investment advice I would like to share has to do with investing in your health.

A good question to begin with on this Monday morning. The first Monday morning of August. Summer of 2019 just about halfway over. Maybe you are beginning to ponder about what the rest of this summer has in store? Maybe you are contemplating how the last five months of 2019 might pan out? Maybe you are beginning to wonder what the rest of your life may bring you? Have you thought about what it is that you would really like to do with your life? About where you may want to live or retire to? Places you want to visit. People you would like to spend time with. Most importantly, will you be able to physically enjoy all that you want to do?

The next question to ask yourself just might be where are you now? What’s your story? Are you telling yourself just how lucky and wonderful you are? How beautiful a person you are? How much joy and happiness you bring to others? Feeding your body mentally and nutritionally. Or, are you nutritionally and mentally beating yourself up every day? Thinking that you aren’t worthy? That you’ll never have what the “Jones” family has next door. That you are destined to being sick and febrile as you age?

Right now, you are the result of your story. Whatever you have been feeding your mind and your body, you have manifested. My question for you is, “What do you want out of the rest of your life? What are you teaching your children?” Yes, at dinner the subject of investing came up. Think about this thought for a moment: If you could invest $5000.00 just once and double 8 times you would have almost $1.3 million for retirement. “Well, that’s not possible!” You may tell yourself. O.K. Then, that’s your story! What? Wait? What just happened? You just made up a chapter of your story that you won’t be financially free come retirement.

Next chapter. Your health. What’s your story? Is it one where you KNOW that you’ll be sickly and incapacitated? If so, you’re right! Just look at your actions toward health. Are you taking the time to exercise regularly three or more days a week? Are you taking the time to prepare good whole foods to eat? Or is your story that you’re a couch potato and fast food is the way? Remember, at any moment you can change your story. Others holding you back. Then tell them that you are changing your story and gain their support. Remember, you are a product of your current story. You have power over your story and can change the ending at any time. Let us know if we can help you!

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