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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

They say a picture says a thousand words. This one, although humorous has a lot of truth behind it. It was less than a century ago that Americans were duped into believing that taking a drug or having a body part cut out would make them healthier. We need to reiterate the truth and get back to reality. The fact is that healthy people just don’t take drugs (medications for those who have difficulty that medications are drugs) or have body parts removed. God didn’t create us with any additional parts. Yes, we know that we can live without certain parts, but all of them have a purpose for a healthy, normal functioning body.

A few months ago, we had a patient who had a gall stone removed because it was blocking their bile duct. A good thing on their part because it saved them the agony of suffering with this blocked duct. But then their doctor wanted to schedule them to have their gall bladder removed. Why?! Now you can rattle off several reasons and convince yourself that removal of this digestive vessel would create better health. Truth be told, our digestive tracts work better, especially with digesting fats and keeping our intestinal tract in proper acid balance when we have a gall bladder.

The patient notified us of their medical doctor’s desire to remove their gall bladder and asked if there was anything that they could do holistically? The answer was (and still is!) a resounding yes! We put this patient on a gall bladder restore protocol. Six days of specific supplementation. When completed, this patient scheduled themselves for an advanced ultrasound to recheck their gall bladder. The results? They went from a gall bladder full of sludge and stones to one that was totally clear...in only six days! The bonus was that their allopathic provider no longer had a need to cut them.

Now you can say, “But my issue is different. I need drugs and surgery.” It’s not different. Just about anyone can heal their body naturally if you want to. All you need is the right set of health tools, the right holistic practitioner who understands the function of physiology, and the desire to be healthy. At our offices our practitioners do just that. We do not just cover up your symptoms, rather we find the underlying cause of why your health has deteriorated and then put together a personalized plan to help you restore your health so that you can life life to the fullest. If you are ready regain your health, call today to schedule for your free consultation.

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