Why Detox & Purify?

There are two things many doctors are never taught about in medical school. They are the most important factors that can create health & wellness, or they can lead to illness if you’re not careful. First is the role that nutrition and food have on our health. There is no disputing that what we consume has a direct effect on the performance that we get out of our bodies. Second is the effect of toxins and how they destroy our health, breaking down function after function in our bodies, creating dis-ease processes, that are then treated based on symptom control; rarely addressing the underlying causes of our ill-health.

In today’s world, food is more important than ever in establishing whether we want to experience good to optimum health or have declining health over decades. We do live in a sea of toxins and it has become so important to protect our body’s built-in detoxification system. Since the dawn or the Industrial Age in the late 1880’s, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment. The problem this has imposed is that only about six percent of them have been tested for their long-term effects on human health, and those that have been tested do not bode well for what the rest of them are doing to our bodies and our central nervous system. Thus the importance of a regular, natural detoxification program that will restore normal liver function within our bodies. We know that toxins are everywhere; from household cleaners to plastics in kitchenware. They’re in our water and air supply, in cosmetics, and in our foods.

These toxins are responsible for the epidemic of inflammatory diseases we see affecting so many people today. Toxins that you are exposed to on a regular basis may affect any part of your body leading to many of the symptoms you have been suffering from for decades. If you are experiencing unexplainable symptoms of dis-ease, then there are two steps you should take. First, identify the toxins in your environment and reduce your exposure to them. Second, enhance your body’s own detoxification system through diet and nutrition.

The question that begs to be asked is this: If we are all exposed to a sea of toxins, why do some of us get sick while others don’t? Your level of toxic exposure is just one factor. Some people have simply ingested more toxins than others have because of the environment they live in. The other factor is the gene factor. Your genes may mean you are walking around with a loaded gun—one that threatens to go off and make you very ill. A gun isn’t dangerous if you don’t pull the trigger and what’s considered the trigger in this case? You guessed it: your diet and your environment. When you eat a SAD diet filled with highly processed foods loaded with sugar, live with chronic stress, allow yourself to be exposed to toxins you could avoid, refuse to exercise, and don’t take the supplementation your body needs to function optimally, you pull the trigger and BANG, you get sick. That doesn’t have to happen for you. You can heal from illness and even reverse the effects of toxic exposure. Your body has all the knowledge it needs to detoxify from even some of the most insidious chemical agents.

If you think toxins don’t affect your brain, you are mistaken. Consider the example of Parkinson’s disease. This “neurological disorder” has been irrefutably linked to toxic exposure. Today research makes the connection between Parkinson’s disease and environmental toxic exposures undeniable. Know that any exposure to ANY toxic source puts you at risk. This is only an example. Other diseases, such as depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, have been linked to toxic exposure as well. Fact is that just one chemical does most of this work for us. It is the master detoxifier in your body, the mother of all antioxidants, the maestro of the immune system, glutathione. The body makes glutathione from foods that contain sulfur, so you can easily boost your own glutathione production by eating plenty of foods that contain it.

Glutathione is at the center of good health, and glutathione deficiency is found in nearly all very ill patients. It is the KEY to protecting us against oxidation, controlling inflammation, and getting rid of toxins. The body produces its own glutathione and is normally recycled and replenished inside you—except when the toxic load becomes too great. Poor diet, pollution toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections, and radiation deplete glutathione. These same environmental insults also overload your liver, making it unable to do its job, which inhibits your ability to detoxify even further.

There is no question about it: the ability to produce and maintain a high level of glutathione is critical to recovery from nearly all chronic illness— including neurological insult. The foods you should consume to enhance detoxification are included in Standard Process’ Detox Balance & Purification product. The most important factor for our detoxification system is keeping our glutathione levels up. Glutathione (think of it like fly paper for toxins) is the main detoxifier in the body (and antioxidant and immune booster). Our body needs to regenerate itself all the time. Our brains and health depend on it. The lifestyle changes we make with our patients helps to enhance your body’s glutathione production.

Standard Process’ Detox Balance & Purification aids in restoring our glutathione levels, making it the superior detox product for everyone. Register today for our Detox Balance & Purification Program. We will be kicking the New Year off perfectly helping you regain your health and vitality!

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