Why Your Liver Needs Some TLC

As you may or may not know, one of the services that we offer at Shores Wellness Solutions, The Natural Health & Wellness Center, is the SP Detox Balance and Purification Program. With this program, you are not only looking to detox or purify your body, but also to enhance the function of your liver. I could write a book regarding liver functions; in fact, many practitioners have. There are over 500 known functions that your liver does, yet it is estimated to be over 1400. Let me just explain to you several of the top functions that you may not know that your liver does for your body:

Your liver stores a lot of your vitamins and minerals. Without such you would be weak and fatigued. It manufactures new proteins that are necessary for your body to stay healthy and grow. These proteins aid in the repair and replacement of cells, tissues and organs in your body. Your liver makes bile to aid you with the digestion of fatty foods. Without proper bile you would not digest your foods very well and would become emaciated.

Your liver detoxifies poisonous chemicals, whether alcohol, prescription medications (yes, they're toxic too!), noxious fumes, exhaust smoke, poisons from the air or anything else chemically formulated that gets into the body. Your liver helps to defend you against invading microbes that are entering your body all the time. It helps to weaken them or even knock them out. Without such help you would be a walking infectious incubator.

Your liver stores energy in the form of glycogen until you need it. If it didn't your blood stream would be full of syrup and a coma would be eminent. It is one of the organs responsible for making blood, even before you were born. It makes clotting factors so that you don't bleed to death if you accidentally happen to cut your finger while chopping up vegetables.

So what have you done for your liver lately? It won't tell you it's in trouble until it gets close to the end of its rope. So before that happens, make it a point to do the SP Detox Balance and Purification Program. See one of our TEAM members to help you get started with a program that will work for you, and remember if there is someone you know who is struggling with some aspect of their health refer them for a simple consultation with the Doc!

Our body needs to regenerate itself all the time. Our brains and health depend on it. The lifestyle changes we make today helps to enhance our body’s functions. Inquire today about our 28-Day Purification Program. Register for this program by January 6th and save up to $100! Our gift to you! Inquire today how we may assist you with your health and help you start the New Year to be your best year ever!

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